The North Miami Community Redevelopment Agency

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About the North Miami CRA Advisory Committee




Members of the Community Redevelopment Agency Advisory Committee:


The Community Redevelopment Agency Advisory Committee, established by Resolution R-8-2005-4 on August 9, 2005; has advisory powers and hears all items and matters that are assigned by the CRA Board, and makes recommendations to the CRA Board.


This committee is comprised of 12 members (2 at-large), 1 appointee being a North Miami resident and 1 appointee being a businessperson or professional with offices in the city of North Miami; at-large appointees may be a North Miami resident, businessperson or professional with offices in North Miami. CRA Board members designate 1 appointed member to serve a 1-year term and the other to serve a 2-year term. Terms expire on the second Tuesday in September.


Meeting Date: 1st Monday of each month, 6:00 p.m.

Location: City Hall, Council Chamber

Liaison: Larry M. Spring, Jr., CPA - Executive Director - 305.895.9896


Blanca Cobo At-Large 3/10/2015 5/24/2017
Dr. Rudolph Moise
At-Large 2/10/2015 5/24/2017
Kenny Each
Chairman 10/13/2015 5/24/2017
Mary Estime-Irvin
Chairman 10/13/2015 5/24/2017
Clark Reynolds
District 1 2/10/2015 5/24/2017
Michael McDearmaid, Chair
District 1 10/13/2015 5/24/2017
Claudio Sanchez
District 2 10/13/2015 5/24/2017
Holly Cohen
District 2 2/10/2015 5/24/2017
Garry Aristide
District 3 10/13/2015 5/24/2017
Hudson Robillard
District 3 3/10/2015 5/24/2017
Dr. Pastor Enoch Millien
District 4 10/13/2015 5/24/2017
Karol Geimer
District 4 7/14/2015 5/24/2017