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Pioneer Gardens at North Miami


One part of our efforts to provide affordable housing options to the citizens of North Miami is new housing. Pioneer Gardens at North Miami (formerly Ruck's Park) is a 136 unit, 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath townhome over townhome, CRA project being developed by North Miami Housing. Construction is expected to start in early 2009 and be completed by the end of 2010. See also our other funded housing strategies.

Work has begun at the Pioneer Gardens site.

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Floorplans 1-2 floors | 3-4 floors



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Development Agreement and Exhibits, including Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments


URDB Pioneer Gardens Expenses as of March 11th, 2009

Published: 3/11/2009  (Large file: 95 mb)


Ammended and Restated Pioneer Gardens Agreement

Published: 3/2/2009


RFQ 2007-9 (Revised) 2nd Tier Evaluation Results

Published: 5/23/2008



Published: 3/19/2008


RFQ/P 2007-9 Request for Qualifications/Proposals for Pioneer Gardens Construction Management Services

Published: 10/12/2007


RFQ 2007-06 Request for Price Quotation to Remove and Dispose of Asbestos Contaminated Soil from Development Site located at 13760-80 NE 5th Ave

Published: 9/28/2007


Miami-Dade Approved Tentative Plat (t-plat) for Pioneer Gardens

Published: 5/22/2007


Agreement between the Housing Partnership of North Miami and the North Miami CRA

Published: 3/13/2007  (Large file: 3.8 mb)


First Amendment to the Interlocal Agreement

Published: 3/2/2007


Resolution R-CRA-2007-5 related to Comcast Agreement

Published: 2/27/2007  (Large file: 1 mb)


Resolution R-CRA-2007-6 Amending Interlocal Agreement

Published: 2/27/2007


Request for Price Quotation for Market Demand Study

Published: 2/21/2007


Transcript of the closing documents on the Pioneer Gardens letter of credit (LOC)

Published: 1/24/2007  (Large file: 2 mb)


R-CRA-2007-3 resolution approving agreement with the Housing Partnership of North Miami

Published: 1/23/2007


R-CRA-2007-4 Resolution authorizing the execution of a proposed final agreement to obtain a Line of Credit

Published: 1/23/2007


Miami-Dade Resolution Approving the LOC for Ruck's Park

Published: 12/19/2006  (Large file: 1.6 mb)



Published: 12/12/2006


R-11-2006-26 Approving Pre-development budget for Pioneer Gardens

Published: 11/28/2006


Resolution R-11-2006-27

Published: 11/28/2006


Resolution R-11-2006-26

Published: 11/28/2006


R-11-2006-27 Approving pre-development loan budget for Pioneer Gardens

Published: 11/28/2006


Additional Material for Item I

Published: 11/22/2006


RFP for Homebuyer Training, Credit Prequalification and Purchase Assistance Services

Published: 10/27/2006


Resolution R-10-2006-22

Published: 10/24/2006


Resolution R-10-2006-24

Published: 10/24/2006


Pioneer Gardens Development Agreement - Executed

Published: 10/17/2006  (Large file: 2 mb)


Calvin Giordano Agreement

Published: 9/26/2006


Resolution R-9-2006-17 Approving the Development Agreement

Published: 9/26/2006


RFP 2006-01 Addendum #2

Published: 9/20/2006


Addendum to RFP 2006-01

Published: 9/15/2006


RFP 2006-01 for Pioneer Gardens Letter of Credit

Published: 9/11/2006


Resolution R-8-2006-13 Recommending Renaming of Ruck's Park

Published: 8/22/2006


Resolution by City Council approving the vacation of the theoretical NE 138th ST

Published: 8/22/2006


Timeline for Pioneer Gardens (Ruck's Park), August 2006

Published: 8/11/2006


Resolution R-7-2006-11

Published: 7/11/2006


Draft Pioneer Gardens Floorplan - 1 & 2 Floors

Published: 6/23/2006


Draft Pioneer Gardens Floorplan - Floors 3-4

Published: 6/23/2006


Exhibit B of PB Development Agreement - Siteplan and Elevation

Published: 6/6/2006  (Large file: 4 mb)


PG Development Agreement Exhibit C (2) - Environmental Study Environmental Site Assessment Phase II

Published: 6/5/2006  (Large file: 8 mb)


Exhibit C (2) of PG Development Agreement: Absestos NESHAP Demolition Survey

Published: 6/5/2006  (Large file: 5.8 mb)


Exhibit C (1) of PG Development Agreement: Environmental Site Assessment Phase I Update

Published: 6/5/2006


Proposed Front Elevation of Pioneer Gardens Townhomes

Published: 6/2/2006


Siteplan for Pioneer Gardens at North Miami

Published: 6/2/2006  (Large file: 4 mb)


Environmental Site Assessment, Former Wastewater Treatment Site (Very LARGE File 80 mb)

Published: 6/1/2006  (Large file: 78 mb)


Ruck's Park Feasibility and Income Targeting Guidelines

Published: 4/5/2006


Resolution R-2-2006-6 Approving the Interlocal Agreement with City related to Site Clearing and Grubbing of Ruck's Park

Published: 2/28/2006


Resolution R-1-2006-2 Approving the Transfer of Ruck's Park from the City to the CRA

Published: 1/24/2006


Resolution R-1-2006-3 - Implementation of Ruck's Park as an Affordable Housing Project

Published: 1/24/2006


Resolution R-1-2006-4 Interlocal Agreement that Delegates the City's Affordable Housing Obligations

Published: 1/24/2006


Affordability Analysis for Ruck's Park

Published: 1/10/2006


Resolution R-2005-49 Approving the Tentative Plat for the Ruck's Park property

Published: 5/31/2005


Amendment to the Munisport Development Agreement (Large file: 5 mb)

Published: 10/26/2004


Ordinance of the City of North Miami rezoning Ruck's Park from multi-family to to PUD

Published: 10/12/2004


Resolution R-2004-67 of City Council approving a conditional use permit and precise plan for Ruck's Park

Published: 10/12/2004


Ordinance amending land use designation for Ruck's Park

Published: 9/28/2004


Environmental Site Assessment - Exhibit C (1) of PG Development Agreement

Published: 9/1/2003  (Large file: 13 mb)


Munisport Development Agreement (Large file: 8 mb)

Published: 11/26/2002